Compliance with European regulations

The REACH Regulation, 1907/2006/EC, radically revised the whole body of European Union legislation on controlling chemicals to protect health and the environment.

All Marzotto Group companies espouse and comply with REACH. We require chemicals suppliers to provide up-to-date safety sheets, thus ensuring that the substances used throughout the production process have been recorded, tested and approved.


We approve new products for use only after our internal monitoring body has rigorously assessed their regulatory compliance.

The Group takes an even harder line, insisting that these products are free of pesticides, hexavalent chromium and formaldehyde. We keep our use of other substances well within the legal limits. Our laboratories are continually looking for ways to reduce the levels to as close to 0% as possible. The Group holds certifications at company or individual item level.

On request, we also enter into specific agreements with our clients for the production of eco-friendly fabrics.